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What is OTPP?

The Online Teaching Preparation Program (OTPP) is designed to immerse new and experienced online instructors in a fully online, humanized, connected learning experience.

After completing OTPP, faculty are prepared to design and facilitate engaging online courses enhanced with human presence, as well as dynamic student-student and faculty-student interactions. OTPP is aligned with the CI Quality in Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT) rubric.

Your Commitment

Participants will agree to:

  • Be available to spend 10-hours per week on online course work between February 28th - March 13 and
    April 4th - Nov May 1st.
  • Complete required assignments asynchronously (on your own time), but due to the community-based nature of online learning, there will be staggered due dates throughout each week. These are not self-paced courses.
  • Develop an e-portfolio demonstrating chosen aspects of your online course that align with the QOLT rubric. Full details about the ePortfolio are available here.
  • Support peers and peer-learning through the process.
  • Be open to learning and trying new digital tools.
  • Be ready to have fun engaging in discussions, exploring new approaches, and working together with technology.


OTPP includes an intensive, community-based online course sequence followed by an independent, self-reflective ePortfolio creation project.

February 28th - March 13th
Humanizing Online Learning

April 4th - May 1st
How to Design Your Online Course

May 1st - May 26th
QOLT ePortfolio Development

Apply Now!

All teaching faculty (tenure track & lecturers) are invited to apply.

Participants who successfully complete OTPP will receive:

  • A digital badge, issued through Credly, for Humanized & Connected Online Teaching and Learning
  • $1,000 stipend

There are 10 openings for the Spring 2018 OTPP cohort. If more than 10 faculty apply, an effort will be made to select an interdisciplinary cohort made up of tenure track, full time and part time lecturers. If necessary, we will also speak to chairs as needed to select courses that reach a significant number of students.

Click here to Apply

What Faculty Say About OTPP

“I understand how to build a sense of community and personal connection with students, even in a setting in which we do not meet face to face. I actually think that an online course has the potential to create the same if not greater personal connection between instructor and students.”

"...this is a must take course for faculty who plan to teach online OR who think online learning is nothing more than a glorified correspondence school."

“I knew that learning in a classroom was a social interaction, but for some reason, I left that at the door when I tried to teach on-line before this course. Now I get it! And, I have learned that there are so many simple (and free) tools on-line that can help me make the experience more personal and more social.”

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