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Color Use

All Images such as logos, headshots, banners, graphs, as well as, decorative ones must:

  • be saved with descriptive names or as the name of the photo
    The saved name of the file serves as "alt text" in Populr.

When using images off the web:

  • it is highly recommended to use Creative Commons images

To learn more about Copyright Law and Creative Commons licensing refer to the Digital Copyright Basics page

The image above was taken by Ged Carroll CC-BY

When using color in your course documents:

  1. Be sure the contrast between text and background is sufficient
    To test download: Colour Contrast Analyzer
  2. Color should not be used to emphasize or draw attention to an item.
    It is recommended to use a text based identifier instead such as:
    “Items marked with a *” instead of “items marked in blue"

The image above was taken by Tim Ebbs CC-BY-NC-ND

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